Case Studies:BharatNet Phase II Project monitoring and consultancy

We are providing Strategic Management Consulting’ and ‘Project Management & Monitoring Services’ for BharatNet Package-B, Phase-II project in the state of Gujarat – 2 under Gujarat Fibre Grid Network Limited (GFGNL), Government of India and Bihar 3 state under Bharat Broadband Nigam Limited. Key scope of these projects are :
⦁ Daily collection of data from field and making data entry in project monitoring tools, making status reports for customer and for MIS purpose internally.
⦁ Submission of monthly/quarterly report to end customer regarding uptime details of network.
⦁ Co-ordinate with customers SPOCs for various activities of project execution such as operation, logistics, accounts, collection, documentation, etc.
⦁ Coordination for Site Survey:
⦁ Coordination of arranging proper survey reports of each site and coordination with stakeholder for preparation of detailed BoQ for each GP after survey
⦁ Submission of final exhaustive site survey report to customer along with detail BoQ for each GPs and further consolidated at Block level, risks involved to execute the work along with mitigation plan, resources required
⦁ Coordination for local authority approvals
⦁ Location planning for material delivery
⦁ Coordination and monitoring of installation and commissioning of active components such as GPON, SPV, etc.
⦁ Coordination and monitoring of installation and commissioning of Passive components such as FDMS, Splitter, HDPE, etc.
⦁ Coordination and Monitoring of EPC Vendor:
⦁ Coordination with EPC vendor for daily site wise update on trenching, laying, backfilling, blowing, splicing, terminating, installation and commissioning of underground fibre.
This project was implemented during year 2019-20 and still in progress.