Message from the CEO

Dr. Puneet Jain

CEO, Pragyawan Technologies Private Limited

"As a company, we strongly believe that our success and our motivation lie in the satisfaction of our customers through our highly skilled & dedicated workforce"

Established in 2011,  Pragyawan Technologies Private Limited is a diversified group providing a range of products and services to various sectors like Smart Education, Security & Surveillance, Information Technology, Skill Development Training, Telecom & Wireless, Electrical and Electronics. Pragyawan provides complete end to end solutions on SITC basis.

Pragyawan strive to provide comprehensive solutions mainly to the institutional clients which includes SMEs, large Indian and multinational corporations, Central and State Government, Public Sector Undertakings, Defense Forces. The core team has a proven cumulative track record of more than 4 decades.

Digital transformation is the future need for every business. Organizations are increasingly understanding the importation of digital transformation and exploring the most effective and cost-efficient ways and means to synergies their energies for digital transformation leading to most efficient way of data management.