High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Telecom Duct

Sanscord telecom ducts are suitable for cable installation by blowing technique or pulling by rope. Directional drilling can also be used to install electrical or telecommunication ducting in under road applications, or heavily built up areas. Our cable ducts offer extremely low friction properties, are strong & flexible and highly suitable for fiber optic cable installations.

Sanscord Smooth wall HDPE duct is made to Industry Standards for Power and Communications Applications. It can be installed using open trench methods, HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilled) Plowed, or pulled into conduit.

PTPL Telecom Duct

Telecom ducts & Duct Accessories required for laying Optical Fiber Network. We are significant player in the manufacture of Telecom ducts in India having manufacturing facilities at C/o. ITI Limited, Sultanpur Road, Raebareli (UP)

EIL Polyethylene Telecom Duct Products

Sanscord Telecom duct systems include a comprehensive range of Polyethylene ducts i.e Main Ducts, sub ducts, Micro Ducts and accessories.

The Telecommunication ducts are HDPE duct pipes pre-lubricated with silicone core suitable for telecommunication and fiber optic cables. They are derived by combining the strength and flexibility of PE material with a suitable lubricating layer on the inner surface of the ducts

PTPL manufactures Telecom duct at Raebareli factory in Uttar Pradesh in 4 different Categories

Product Category Sizes (mm) Application

HDPE PLB Duct 50/42, 40/33,40/34.2 32/26 mm for OFC laying, & Cable Laying

Duct Accessories in all Manufactured Sizes For Joining Duct Networks

PTPL Production Capacities for Telecom ducts & Accessories

PTPL has an annual manufacturing capacity of over 30,000 kms of ducts and pipes at Raebareli in UP.

Telecom Duct Licenses

All the Telecom ducts produced by PTPL at confirm to BSNL Specifications and Have TSEC certificate.

Features of PTPL Telecom Ducts

  1. Strong, Flexible, Impact resistant yet light weight

  2. A full range of sizes available from 20 mm to 110 mm with variety SDR’s to suit customer requirements

  3. Duct can be supplied with pre-inserted rope or with Copper Tracer wire depending on customer requirements

  4. Flexible & Easy to work with even at low temperatures

  5. Long Life resistance to Fatigue

  6. Resistant to many common liquids and chemicals

  7. Immune to most corrosion or fungal contamination

  8. Supplied in continuous length up to 1000 Mtrs

  9. Packaged on Metal/Wooden Drums or in coils

  10. Extensive range of colours (12 Nos) for Individual duct identification

  11. PTPL HDPE PLB Optical Fiber Cable Ducts Product Range

PTPL Manufactures “Sanscord” brand HDPE PLB ducts in following 3 types

  1. HDPE PLB Duct Smooth Inner Surface

  2. HDPE PLB Duct Straight Ribs Inner Surface with 6 Ribs

  3. HDPE PLB Duct Straight Ribs Inner Surface with 32 Ribs

PTPL (Sanscord) HDPE PLB Optical Fiber Cable Ducts – Smooth Inner Surface

PTPL (Sanscord), HDPE , Permanently Lubricated (PLB) ducts are extruded from selected High Quality Virgin HDPE material and co extruded with special Lubricant that is distributed uniformly along the entire inner surface of the duct providing a low friction smooth surface for easy cable drawing or blowing.

The Outer HDPE Shell makes the pipe more tough and durable and enables the duct to withstand the pressure during HSAB of cable as well as retains the roundness under soil pressure and traffic load.

All PTPL HDPE, PLB ducts confirms to BSNL specifications.

Available Sizes are 40/33 mm (BSNL specification), 50/42 mm, 40/34.2 mm and 32/26 mm and available in standard coil length of 1000 Mtr.

All PTPL HDPE PLB ducts can be made available in 12 colours as given below i.e Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Black, White, Aqua, Grey, Pink, and Brown

ALL PTPL HDPE PLB ducts can be supplied with pre-inserted PP rope on request and also along with Copper Tracer wire. Copper tracer wire is used for future tracing

HDPE Sanscord Water Pipes

PTPL is also leading manufacturer of HDPE Pressure Water Pipes used in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.
These pipes are manufactured as per BIS specifications – IS 4984 & available in raw material grades PE-63, PE 80 and PE 100 in various pressure rating classes.

⦁ Potable water supply
⦁ Sewerage/drainage
⦁ Industrial effluents
⦁ Chemical industries

Key Features
⦁ Manufactured from 100% virgin raw material.
⦁ Superior hydrostatic strength and durability for long life
⦁ Fusion welded joining provides leak—free monolithic pipe systems
⦁ Excellent flow characteristics
⦁ Low thermal & electrical conductivity
⦁ Easy to maintain
⦁ Smooth internal & external surface

Sanscord HDPE pipes are suitable for various application conditions as below.

⦁  Underground
⦁ Above ground

Why PTPL Sanscord HDPE pipes

⦁ Manufactured from 100% virgin raw materials (PE 63, PE-80 & PEIOO).
⦁ HDPE is flexible in nature and has excellent abrasion & weather resistance.
⦁ Internal surface is so smooth which enables higher flow & lower frictional losses.

Available Products

Material Grade: PE 100
Pressure Class: PN 6
Size : 20 mm – 110 mm
Colour : Black with Blue strips
Working Temperature: -40 0 C to 45 0 C
Availability :Coils up to 110 mm & above 125 mm straight lengths