Case Studies: Digitization

Digitization of documents which included conversion of hard copies of documents, files, maps, books etc into digital forms with meta data entry, scanning, uploading and retrieval through our own developed document management software (DMS). Pragyawan is executing large scale documents digitization for Government Ministries, Institutions, Autonomous bodies, large corporates etc. We have undertaken digitization projects for following key customers:


⦁ Highly Experienced Team with > 10 Years digitization experience.

⦁ In house developed Document Management System (DMS) Software for documents upload
and retrieval.

⦁ Capable of handling large volume digitization projects with document age more than 75 Years

⦁ Follow professional approach for digitization with secured handling of documents.

⦁ Dedicated Team for Each Project with Highly Capable Project Managers

⦁ Offer in premises solution for scanning and digitization or in our premises with complete
safety and security of client documents.

⦁ Company owned high speed scanners from: