Case Studies: ONGC

⦁ This project for Extension of BWA Communication facility at Drilling Rigs and GP (Geo Physical) Parties of Western Onshore, Gujarat was from ONGC, Corporate office , New Delhi. As a part of the IT Strategy, ONGC has set up its own captive communication networks comprising of both Terrestrial as well as Satellite based communication networks connecting various work centres spread across the country. A captive Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) Network based on WiMax technology was implemented in July 2012 covering all the Three Assets, Sub-Asset and Basin at Western Onshore locations in Gujarat. The Project provides Voice & Data communication among remote installations and respective Asset/Basin Headquarters of ONGC. All the remotes under BWA Network designed for minimum 256Kbps and can go upto 512Kbps to facilitate all the IT based Operational & Business applications.
⦁ The project comprises of 6 Base stations along with its associated 217 Remote sites (Fixed-179 Nos. and Work Over Rigs(Owned)-38 Nos.) spread around Asset/Basin HQ and offices of Ahmedabad, Anklehwar, Gandhar, Cambay (Sub-Asset), Mehsana and Vadodara. The project also covers remote production installations and Work-over Rigs.

This project was the extension of this existing project. It includes supply of Radio, High Mast, IP Phones, Antenna etc. Following are the oactions of the project:
⦁ Mehsana
⦁ Ankleswar and Gandhar
⦁ Ahmedabad
⦁ Cambay
⦁ Vadodara
The value of the project was Rs. 9.23 Crore and the project was implemented during year 2016-17.